Junior Training Camps provide a fun filled and adventurous environment for young men to come together from many different outposts. The will get to practice working together to fine-tune their
leadership skills along with learning new and relevant life skills related to the camp that they engage in.

The camps promote teamwork and shift attitudes from inward caring (selfishness) to outward awareness (servant hood).

This year we will be offering the following Winter Training Camps: RTC, JTC, and AJTC

Ranger Training Camps “RTC”,
RTC is a district training event designed to help prepare 4th - 6th grade boys for leadership in the local

Junior Training Camp “JTC”
JTC is a district training event for boys who have completed 6th grade.

Advanced Training Camp “ANTC”
AJTC is a district event for boys who are graduates of the 7th grade and JTC.

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