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Why Royal Rangers?

rrquestion.jpg Why should you have Royal Rangers in your Church?  We believe Royal Rangers is one of the most viable ministries available today. Able to break down barriers and reach children in powerful and life altering ways. See what makes Royal Rangers work and why you should consider offering it as a ministry in your church.

Royal Rangers addresses 4 important areas.

  • Offers a well rounded ministry.
  • Can not only change boys, but sons and fathers, and entire families.
  • Provides male interaction when their is a predominant lack of men in the home.
  • Stem the tide of lack of men in church ministry.

globe.png Well Rounded Ministry
Royal Rangers is one of the few ministries that specifically targets boys from the ages of 5-18. Our goal is to disciple young men into boys by challenging them in 4 ways.

Boys work on a merit based program and classroom activities that they will find fun and challenging.

Camping, Outdoor merits such as cycling, hiking, and canoeing are just some of the ways we develop the physical side of a boy.

Through interaction with leaders and other boys, and encouraging community and church involvement boys are exposed to dealing with others in positive and meaningful ways.

Through a program of discipleship, merit based Bible teaching, and Christian example through Commanders we lay the foundation for relationship with Christ.

globe.pngChanging lives
Royal Rangers can do much more than just be a place to hangout on Wednesday night. Countless families have been brought to Christ through their Childs involvement in Royal Rangers. Like wise countless boys who otherwise wouldn’t have, came to know Christ.  See this testimony from a royal ranger commander

I never knew my real parents....not that I started in a Petri dish; I was placed in an orphanage and was adopted early in life.

Through divorce, annulment and death, by the time I was 21, I had had 5 moms.

By the time I was 16(the same age I left home); I had attended 7 different churches.

This sounds like a life of inconsistency.... True on most counts.

Royal Rangers however was the single most important constant for me as a child. By God's grace and through the perseverance and dedication of many commanders, I was able to continue growing as a Royal Ranger. I looked up to my commanders and saw them as men I hoped to be like.

I accepted Christ at a Pow Wow as a boy and have given thanks to God countless times for placing men before me as commanders who were dedicated to speaking into my life.

For boys like me, Royal Rangers is a life-line. I have wondered where I would be had it not been for the ministry of Royal my life, it truly has been priceless.

globe.png Lack of Men in the Home

The standard family is a thing of the past. Today more and more families are single parent homes.  Young men are growing up in fatherless homes. Without godly men to guide and teach them what will become of the men of tomorrow?  Royal Rangers provides the opportunity for boys to interact with men who are examples of Christian living and who care about their life. These commanders may very well be the only positive male role model in their life.

globe.png Crisis in Church Leadership
Church ministry finds it harder and harder to find men who will be involved in the church and in the home.  Without teaching the boys of today, the men of tomorrow will only continue this trend.  Harder then it’s ever been it will only continue to get harder unless men take charge of the mantle god has placed on them.  We challenge you and the men in your church to take this obligation seriously and take the opportunity to make positive change in the boys of today.

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